Kids Love Fish!

Naples Backcountry Fishing’s “KIDS LOVE FISH!” Program

There’s no doubt about it: kids love fish. On TV, in aquariums, in movies, in fishbowls around the world, fish represent one of nature’s coolest species. And when it comes to educating your kids about nature, nutrition and conservation, nothing generates more wide eyed grins than catching a fish in the wild.

At Naples Backcountry Fishing, your kids are VIPs. When you book a charter for you and your kids, you’re doing more than going fishing: you’re creating an opportunity for your child to learn about conservation, cooking what you catch, the environment and to respect it. Capt. Kevin and his team love teaching kids to fish while educating them about marine habitats. A day on the water with your children is a memory they’ll treasure forever, but what your children can learn through the NBCF “KIDS LOVE FISH!” program will make a lifelong impression.

About NBCF’s “KIDS LOVE FISH!” Program 

Capt. Kevin Merritt is a noted outdoor writer and Orvis endorsed fishing instructor. He has addressed dozens of fishing groups and spoken at multiple conferences. He founded “KIDS LOVE FISH!” after being being chosen to speak to Youth Ambassadors at a Town Hall event featuring marine explorer Robert Ballard who discovered the final resting place of the Titanic. Capt. Kevin’s presentation, “A Life Outside” generated such a response from the students that he was inspired to create fishing clinics for kids of all ages, both on the water and on land for children and their families.

Members of the Naples Backcountry Fishing’s “KIDS LOVE FISH!”program receive our quarterly newsletter, early registration for fishing clinics, a custom jig or fly by Capt. Kevin and $25 off a family fishing lesson or birthday charter.

To become a member or register your children for the “KIDS LOVE FISH!” program, send an email to to request our new member packet.

Here’s what kids have to say:

“I could really relate to what you were saying about becoming accustomed to a new environment — I found it good to know that taking a wrong turn means seeing something new every day.” Christopher, 12th grader 

“I love the simplicity of how Capt. Kevin explained a life outside to us. What he does is astounding, and he always goes back to being outside, in his boat, on the water and he was never afraid of getting lost.” Jacob, 10th grader  

“Fishing in the Everglades is the most exciting thing ever.” Bree, 8th grader

“After listening to Capt. Kevin I got inspired to help restore the reefs and choose a career I’ll love.” Katie, 9th grader 

“I learned how a curious and exploratory spirit can be embraced in our community.” Sam, 10th grader  

 “My students and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I try to communicate to my students to follow their dreams and they saw the love and passion you have for your job and life outdoors.” Carolyn, FGCU ACE teacher


Capt. Kevin Merritt’s “A Life Outside” (c) Speaker Series

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