Naples Fishing Charters Welcomes Snook Season!

Snook season is in full swing and anglers looking to take advantage of the short season and take a snook home for dinner should book this month. As water temps cool, snook will move into the backcountry and feed voraciously. Book now and don’t miss out!

Snook season in full swing

Naples Fishing Charters Welcomes Excellent Fall Fishing

The first few cold fronts have started moving across Florida, cooling water temps and sparking the fire for excellent fall fishing. We have recently focused on redfish and snook in shallow water as they feed relentlessly in preparation the coming cool down. Be sure to book yourFall fihsing is underway at Naples Fishing Chartyrs holiday charters early as space is always limited.

Naples Fishing Charters Weekend Fishing Forecast

Fall fishing is on fire! Redfish, snook trout, and a few lingering tarpon have all been caught this week! Get ready for the weekend and check out Florida Sportsman’s Weekend Fishing 4Cast

Fall action heats up for Naples Fishing Charters

Naples Fishing Charters Tarpon Fishing Report

After a fairly mild winter and a cooler than expected March, tarpon have shown up in good numbers throughout the area. Fly anglers have been doing well sight fishing laid up fish in the back bays while lure and bait anglers are doing well fishing the outside islands and passes. Book your tarpon adventure now as space is becoming limited!

Naples Fishing Charters Winter Fishing Heats Up!

With the passing of a few cold fronts, winter time fishing in the Ten Thousand Islands is heating up! Typical winter fare usually consists of trout pompano redfish and a host of other wiling fish. We more often than not will be fishing jigs tipped with shrimp and use a run and gun approach to find pockets of active fish. Live shrimp will take the place of pilchards this time of year and can account for many multi-species catches. This type of fishing is tailor made for younger or less experienced anglers due to the often non-stop action.

Winter Fishing, Naples Fishing Charters

Naples Fishing Charters Redfishing Heats Up


Redfish Action Heats Up

Fall is here and the redfish are showing up in strong numbers! Anglers are taking advantage of the some of the best redfish action in years using just about every method known. Fly anglers are finding lots of shallow water targets, lure fisherman are getting tons of fish on jigs and bait slingers are cleaning house! Don’t wait to take advantage of the some fantastic action!

Naples Fishing Charters Weekend Fishing 4Cast on Florida Sportsman!

Get your feet wet this weekend and find the bite with Naples Fishing Charters’ Weekened Fishing 4Cast on!

Naples Fishing Charters Tarpon Fishing Update!

Tarpon have finally shown up in the Everglades and 10,000 Islands in earnest. We have been finding the Silver Kings in  the backcountry as well as a few fish migrating up the beaches. Bait, lure or fly fisherman are all getting good shots at fish in 70-120 lb. range. Availability is limited so contact us soon to reserve your date with the Silver King!



Naples Fishing Charters weekend fishing forecast now available!

Wow feels like spring! The water temps are heating up and so is the fishing! Get a head start on the action by reading the Weekend Fishing 4Cast on

Naples Fishing charters, Nightime Snook Action!

Leslie from across the pond (Ireland) shows off a hefty snook!

When the sun drops into the gulf, snook began to prowl the myriad of resdential canals and docks in search of easy prey. Dock lights throughout Naples and Marco Island attract hordes of baitfish which in turn attracts hungry snook , trout, jacks and tarpon! this is sightcasting heaven! Don’t be fooled as these fish can be extremely wary and a match the hatch type presentaion for both fly and spin fishing is  a must! Don’t miss out on some awesome nighttime action!